Our Mission

Conservation and mental hygiene are at the crux of our passion project. We wholeheartedly believe in preserving the very things that help us live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. And so, when it came to thinking about which organizations to partner with, the missions behind Project Wildsong and To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) directly align with what we are trying to accomplish with our photography -- to educate and inspire people to grow into their best selves through self-help and coexistence with nature; to balance both our internal and external ecosystems. When you make a purchase from this website, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Project Wildsong and TWLOHA.

Project Wildsong is a 501(c)3, USDA Licensed and insured organization whose core values are centered on three key objectives: Education, Collaboration, and Conservation. With the help of Ambassador Animals that represent their wild counterparts, they offer an equal opportunity for everyone to learn about, understand and protect natural environments -- especially in school programs that operate in underprivileged areas. Project Wildsong notably also collaborates with an impressive portfolio of filmmakers, photographers and artists to heighten awareness around environmental issues. It is through education and collaboration that Project Wildsong is able to carry out its mission: to support and promote wildlife conservation efforts throughout North America, and beyond.

Donations made to Project Wildsong through this website will help cover the following operational expenses:

  • vaccines
  • good
  • enrichment toys
  • blankets
  • gas for transportation - traveling for educational programs at schools and studios is the number one expense!
  • enclosure maintenance

TWLOHA is a nonprofit organization that challenges the stigma and stereotypes that have surrounded mental health issues for so long. Dedicated to offering help and hope, TWLOHA supports people that are struggling with depression, addiction, self-harm and suicide. To date, the organization has donated over $1.5 Million to treatment and recovery, and has granted funding to 73 unique organizations and counseling practices. 

Donations made to TWLOHA through this website will:

  • connect people to credible resources that address a variety of mental health issues and illnesses
  • help deliver hope through creative, inspirational campaigns and events that focus on creating a positive community
  • promote education and awareness through various programs that challenge the misconceptions that surround mental health
  • invest directly in treatment and recovery

She's an explorer...

unafraid to travel within her heart and mind, ready to discover new spaces to heal - releasing burdens and planting wisdom wherever her awareness takes her.

— Diego "Yung Pueblo" Perez